Positive Mutations #25 Comments
"Second Time"
An All Booji Boy's Basement Show!

* Denotes Fountain of Filth's Favorite 5
Links are to the page for each disk the track comes from. Links will open in a new window.

  1. *Penetration in the Centerfold: A067 (1979-07-08 - Minneapolis, MN)
    One of my favorite Devo songs, live! Expect to hear a lot more from this show in the future.

  2. *SIB (Swelling Itching Brain):A067
    Who knew that writing a song about a headache could result in such a catchy tune?

  3. *Freedom of Choice Theme/Whip It: A055 (1979-12-31 - Long Beach, CA - Long Beach Arena)
    Neat to hear this song being played before it became Devo's signature song, especially when it follows the FOC Theme.

  4. *Gates of Steel: A092 (1990-09-20 - Oslo, Norway)
    Always good to have a different live version of this fantastic song. We're definitely mortal beings, and I like the way this song tries to convey that.

  5. *I'm A Potato: A001 (LA 8/24/77)
    Very fun to dance to, and good for practicing Tae Kwon Do kicks.

  6. Clockout:A084 (1977-12-31 - Santa Monica, CA - Santa Monica Civic Auditorium)
    This is the song I listened to as I drove away from my parent's house the morning I moved out. Amazing that it's been 11 years!

  7. Wiggly World:A084
    This makes me wish I was old enough to attend Devo shows in the late 70's. Ah well, there are dreams that cannot be.

  8. Happy Guy:A080 (1988-11-03 - Chicago, IL - Cabaret Metro)
    Cool to finally have another live version of this song. Yet another Devo tour I wish I'd been able to attend.

  9. Pity You:A080
    I was a little surprised to see this on the setlist for this tour. It's a great song that reminds me of several people I know.

  10. Jerkin' Back and Forth: A092
    I love this arrangement, probably 'cause it was my introduction to this song, courtesy of Now It Can Be Told.

  11. Blockhead: A145 (2005-08-04 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues)
    I always love hearing this song live. I love the songs off Duty Now 'cause they have a very interesting mix of gritty guitar and synth sounds. I shudder to think what this album would have sounded like if the Minimoog did not exist.