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Listed in order of episode number.
  1. Episode 13 was published after Episodes 14 and 15.
  2. Episode 23 was published before Episode 22.
  3. Episode 32 was published before 30 and 31
  4. Episode 30 was published after 32 and before 31 and 33
  5. Episode 33 was published before 31

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Year 1\Year 2

Year 1

Episode 1

Joko Homo/I Need A Chick--Devo Live: The Mongoloid Years
Broke Dick Blues--Bob 1 Band: S016
Fountain of Filth--A055
Uncontrollable Urge--Live in NYC 2004
Speed Racer (Long Edit)--That's Good picture disc
Working in A Coal Mine--Now It Can Be Told
Smart Patrol--TMWMTM (The Men Who Make the Music bootleg)
Jerkin' Back and Forth--Dev2.0
Be Stiff--A055
Pink Pussycat (demo)--Recombo DNA
Some Things Never Change (Cassette Version)--Total Devo
I Need a Chick--Hardcore 2

Episode 2

SIB--Dev-o Live
Satisfaction--Now It Can Be Told
"U Got Me Bugged"--A055
Baby Doll (Demo)--Recombo DNA
Turn around (Alternate)--Recombo DNA
Psychology of Desire (Demo)--Recombo DNA
Space Girl Blues--Hardcore 1
Part of you--Oh No It's Devo CD

Episode 3

"I'm just a victim of filth."
(* Denotes "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five")

Midget--Hardcore 1
I Been Refused--Hardcore 2
Timing X/Soo Bawls--Devo Live: The Mongoloid Years
*Pink Pussycat--TMWMTM (The Men Who Make the Music bootleg)
*Strange Pursuits--Recombo DNA
Penetration in the Centerfold---A055
*Don't You Know--Freedom of Choice
Explosions--Oh No It's Devo
*Don't Rescue Me--Shout
*When We Do It--Smooth Noodle Maps

Episode 4

"Plain Honest Truth"

(* Denotes "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five")

The Winner--Dev2.0
Freedom of Choice--Devo Live in NYC 2004
That's What He Said--The Adventures of the Smart Patrol Soundtrack
*The Big Picture--Smooth Noodle Maps
Gates of Steel--Now It Can Be Told
*Plain Truth (Demo)--Recombo DNA
*The Satisfied Mind--Shout
*Patterns--Oh No It's Devo
Beautiful World (Demo)--Recombo DNA
*Social Fools--Hardcore 1

Episode 5

"Guest Podcast #1"--hosted by Tenniru

Nu-Tra Theme/Going Under--Devo
Lost At Home (aka Tater Tot)--Devo
Witch Doctor (demo)--Devo
It's Not Right (early version)--Devo
Don't Know Why I Do Do--Devo
Microwave Babies--Visiting Kids
This Is Science--Bob 1 Band
Toil Is Stupid--Devo

Episode 6

"Fountain of Filth's Devo Dance Concert"
(* Denotes "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five")

Auto Mowdown--The Men Who Make The Music
*Girl U Want--Tank Girl Version
*Going Under--EZ Listening
I'm A Potato--Hardcore 1
*Lolla Theme/That's Good--A025
Mecha Mania Boy--IZ Release of New Traditionalists
Satisfaction (Booji Boy Version)--Hardcore 1
*Wiggly World--A145
XP32--Mark Mothersbaugh--Muzik for Insomniacs #1

Episode 007

"Songs that have touched my soul"
(* Denotes "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Seven")

*Fountain of Filth, A063
*Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA--A145
*Uncontrollable Urge--A061
4th Dimension--Recombo DNA
*Stuck in a Loop--Smooth Noodle Maps
Out of Sync--D003
Through Being Cool--Dev2.0
*Baby Doll--Now It Can Be Told
*Speed Racer--D003
*Booji Needs A Chick--A001
I've Been Refused--A099

Bonus: Special Tribute to Bill Hicks

Episode 8

"Second Guest Podcast"--Hosted by Tenniru
(*Denotes Background music)

*Day Tripper--The Beatles
Satisfaction--The Rolling Stones
Secret Agent Man--Johnny Rivers
Because--The Beatles
*I Wanna Hold Your Hand--The Beatles
Working In A Coal Mine--Lee Dorsey
Are You Experienced--Jimi Hendrix
Don't Be Cruel--Elvis
*Mulata--Mark Mothersbaugh (BBB #S003 - Mutato Meatball Smorgasbord/Insomniacs 2)
Morning Dew--Tim Rose
Bread and Butter--The Newbeats
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini--Brian Hyland
*Star Spangled Banner--US Air Force Heritage of America Band
Head Like a Hole--Nine Inch Nails

Episode 9

"Third Guest Podcast"--Hosted by Rich A.
(*Denotes Background music)

*When Life Deals You Boogers, Just Make Yourself A Booger Pie - Mark Mothersbaugh
Jocko Bozo - The Firemen
Mongoloid - Jupiter
Gut Feeling - Bohonian Plimquins
*Channel Changer - Mark Mothersbaugh
DEVO Corporate Anthem - Frank Einstein
Girl U Want - Binding
*Mistakes Are Made To Happen - Mark Mothersbaugh
Jerkin' Back'n' Forth - POLYSICS
Come Back Jonee - Claw Hammer
*Crazy Lookin' Four-Eyed Librarian - Mark Mothersbaugh
Mongoloid - Popchor Berlin
*Finger Wigglin' In The USA - Mark Mothersbaugh
Are You Ready? - DEVO
It's All Good [Big Dirty Farmers] - DEVO
That's What He Said - DEVO
That Sofa's Got To Go - Mark Mothersbaugh
Stuck In A Loop (Gareth Jones remix) - DEVO
Luv-Luv - DEVO
*Nothing Says Love Like The Word Love - Mark Mothersbaugh
Thanks To You - DEVO
Smoezart - DEVO

Episode 10

"Positive Mutations:Devo Covers"
(* Denotes "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five")

*Somewhere With Devo--Recombo DNA
Don't Be Cruel--Total Devo
*Are You Experienced--Shout
Bread & Butter--Pioneers Who Got Scalped
*(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction--1984: Devo In Clevo
Workin In a Coal Mine--Hardcore 2
*Secret Agent Man--Bob 1 Band: S016
Head Like A Hole--Pioneers Who Got Scalped
Morning Dew--Smooth Noodle Maps

Episode 11

"Devo Love Songs"
(* Denotes "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five")

*I'd Cry If You Died--Total Devo
*Please Please--Shout
Love Is Stronger Than Dirt--Recombo DNA
*Luv and Such--Recombo DNA
The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise--Recombo DNA
Jerkin' Back and Forth--Now It Can Be Told
*Love Without Anger--New Traditionalists
Jurisdiction of Luv--EZ Listening
Snowball--Dev-o Live
*I Don't Know Why I Love You--A001

Episode 11a

"We And Not Just Me"--a Devo erotica story.

Episode 12

"The Booji Boy's Basement Show"
Click on the CD name to get the entire track listing for that CD.
(* Denotes "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five")

*I Think I'm Falling In Love Again--A001
*Polyvinyl Chloride--A001
Girl U Want--A025
Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy--A061
*Beautiful World--A099
*Going Under--A145

Episode 13

"Second Covers Show"
(This is the third in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

Girl U Want--Adam McIntyre
Whip It--Dev2.0
Baby Doll--Poopy Necroponde's Natural Lizzy
Praying Hands--Dove, A055

Episode 14

(This is the first in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

All of Us--Hardcore 2
Chango--Hardcore 2
Luv Luv (Faster & Faster Version)--D003
Beulah--Devo Live: The Mongoloid Years
Some Things Don't Change--Recombo DNA

Episode 15

"Love Songs, Part 2"
(This is the second in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

It's Not Right--Dev-O Live
What I Must Do--D003
Cold War--Freedom of Choice
Happy Guy--Recombo DNA
I Desire--D003

Episode 16

"Odds and Ends"
(This is the fourth in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

The Death of Lt. Cassanova--A001
General Boy's Intro--A055
Subhuman Woman--Devo Live: The Mongoloid Years
Rod's Big Reamer--A055

Tribute to May 4, 1970: Ohio--S003

Episode 17

"The Jocko Homo Show"
(This is the fifth in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

Jocko Homo from--
1. Devo Live: The Mongoloid Years
2. Stiff Records EP
3. The Men Who Make the Music
4. EZ Listening
5. Now It Can Be Told

Episode 18

"Double Favorite Five" (Or should that be "Double Favorite 5 of the Favorite 5"?)

Sequence A: Booji Boy's Basement Selections

Fountain of Filth-- A063 (originally played on Episode 7).
Beautiful World--A099 (originally played on Episode 12)
Going Under--A145 (originally played on Episode 12)
Secret Agent Man--Bob 1 Band--S016 (Originally played on Episode 10)
Uncontrollable Urge--A061(Originally Played on Episode 7)

Sequence B: From my collection

Baby Doll--Now It Can Be Told (Originally Played on Episode 7)
Please Please--Shout (Originally Played on Episode 11)
When We Do It--Smoothnoodlemaps (Originally played on Episode 3)
Girl U Want--Tank Girl Version (Originally played on Episode 6)
Social Fools--Hardcore 1 (Originally Played on Episode 4)

Episode 19

"Devo Vinyl Show"
(This is the sixth in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

Be Stiff--Stiff Records EP
Find Out--Peek A Boo 12"
Luv Luv--Dr. Detroit 12"
Social Fools--Stiff Records EP
Theme from Dr. Detroit--Dr. Detroit 12"
Turnaround--Whip It single

Episode 20

"Atypical Devo"
(This is the seventh in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

I Saw Jesus--Recombo DNA
Huboon Stomp--A001
Pink Jazz Trancers--Smoothnoodlemaps
Fraulein (1974)--A001

Special Edition

The Sex is Fun Podcast put together an awesome crash course in sexual education. Covers the basics, including the emotional side, which I think is great!

Year Two

Episode 21

"Love Songs, Part 3"
(This is the eighth in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

Boy U Want--Dev2.0
Ton O Love--Freedom of Choice
U Got Me Bugged--Hardcore 2
Man Turned Inside Out--Total Devo
Post-Post Modern Man--Smoothnoodlemaps

Episode 22

"Victim of Filth 2"
(* Denotes "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five")

Midget--Bob 1 Band--S016
*I Need A Chick--A111
*Part of You--D003
*When We Do It--A092
Sloppy--The Men Who Make The Music
Blow Up--Total Devo
*I've Been Refused--A111
Rope Song--Hardcore 2

Episode 23

"Guest Podcast 4: Insults"--Hosted by Louise

(*Denotes Background music)

Opening track/background is sort of an unnamed track by Ricardo Autobahn
The Bob 1 Band - 37--S016
*Let Me Tell You About My Boat--Mark Mothersbaugh
Baby Talkin' Bitches--Hardcore 2
I'm With Stupid-Pet Shop Boys
*The Lad With The Silver Button
I'd Cry If You Died--Total Devo
*Scrapping and Yelling--Mark Mothersbaugh
Stupid and Shallow-The Futureheads
*Snowflake Music--Mark Mothersbaugh
Pity You (labelled 'You Say You Got A Problem') Demo--Recombo DNA
*Kite Flying Society--Mark Mothersbaugh
You're The Reason I'm Leaving-Franz Ferdinand
*XP32--Mark Mothersbaugh
Bamboo Bimbo--Devo Live: The Mongoloid Years
*Sparkplug Minuet--Mark Mothersbaugh
Imperfect List-Big Hard Excellent Fish

Episode 24

"Random Stuff I Haven't Played Yet"

(This is the ninth in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

Too Much Paranoias--A084
Come Back Jonee--1984: Devo in Clevo
Mechanical Man--The Men Who Make the Music
Peek A Boo--D003
Planet Earth (Demo/Alternate Version)--Recombo DNA

Episode 25

Show comments

"Second Time"
An All Booji Boy's Basement Show!

* Denotes Fountain of Filth's Favorite 5

* Penetration in the Centerfold: A067
* SIB:A067
*Freedom of Choice Theme/Whip It: A055
*Gates of Steel: A092
*I'm A Potato: A001
Wiggly World:A084
Happy Guy: A080
Pity You: A080
Jerkin' Back and Forth: A092
Blockhead: A145

Episode 26

"Not Only The Spudboys"

* Denotes Fountain of Filth's Favorite 5

*Super Theme/Going Under
Big Mess
*Smart Patrol/Mr.DNA
Uncontrollable Urge
*Super Work It
Gut Feeling (Dev-o-ke w/ Malcolm)
Freedom of Choice (Dev-o-ke w/Sam)
*Social Fools (With Jihad Jerry)
*Beautiful World (With Jihad Jerry)

Episode 27

"Birthdays and Origins"

(This is the tenth in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA--A061
Gates of Steel--A063
All of Us (alternate)--D001
Smart Patrol (version 1)--D001

Episode 28

"The Booji Boy's Basement Show, Part 2"

Pink Rattle--A001
The One That Gets Away--A001
Praying Hands (Dove)--A055
Those Darn Girls--A067
Softcore Mutations/Going Under--A067
It Doesn't Matter To Me--A080
That's Good--A099
Find Out--D003
Magic Johnson/Nutty Buddy--S016

Episode 29

"Taeguek Spud Jang"

(This is the eleventh in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

Jocko Homo (electric): A092
The Satisfied Mind: Shout
Penetration in the Centerfold: A067
Smart Patrol: A025
Going Under: A080

Episode 30

* Denotes Fountain of Filth's Favorite 5

Lolla Theme--A063
Musika Mutato--D001
Timing X--A055
Index--Music for Insomniacs--Mark Mothersbaugh
*Luv Luv--D003
*Devo Corporate Anthem--A055
*This Is Science--S016
*Beautiful World--EZ Listening

Episode 31

"Guest Podcast 5: So-Lo-Devo"--Hosted by Rich A.

My Home Town: Mark Mothersbaugh
Let Me Tell You About My Boat: Mark Mothersbaugh
Track 1: Jitters
Modern Don Juan: Bob 1 Band
Running Slowly: Babooshka
Army Girls Gone Wild: Jihad Jerry & the Evildoers
If The Shoe Fits: Jihad Jerry & the Evildoers

Episode 32

"Devo Was Right About Everything"

Devo Was Right About Everything--The Attery Squash

Episode 33

"Happy 20th, Total Devo!"

Disco Dancer 12"--Total Devo

Episode 34

The Jocko Homo Show #2 (We Must Repeat!)
(This is the 12th in a series of "Fountain of Filth's Favorite Five Only" Shows.)

D001 (video version)
A092 (acoustic)
A025 (rehearsal)

Spudboys: Devotional 2007

Episode 35

* Denotes Fountain of Filth's Favorite 5

*Strange Pursuit--A067
*Too Much Paranoias--A084
Stop, Look, and Listen--Hardcore 1
*Soo Bawls--Hardcore 1
Baby Talkin' Bitches--Hardcore 2
Let's Go--Hardcore 2
*Be Stiff--TMWMTM
*@Growing Pains--Shout CD
*@Race of Doom (Demo)--Recombo DNA
*@= Tie for the 5th FOF's F5 slot. :)

Episode 36

"A Tribute to GVC"
* Denotes Fountain of Filth's Favorite 5

*The Death of Lt. Cassanova--A001
What I Must Do (second take)--D003
*I Need A Chick--Hardcore 2
Working in A Coal Mine--Now It Can Be Told
Uncontrollable Urge--Dev2.0
Plain Truth--Total Devo
*Auto Mowdown/Space Girl Blues--TMWMTM
Uglatto--Hardcore 1
*He's Always There--Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers

Episode 37

"A Tribute to Bob1"
* Denotes Fountain of Filth's Favorite 5

*Track 3--The Jitters--S002
Huboon Stomp--A001
*Shimmy Shake--D001
*37--Hardcore 2
*Microwave Babies--The Visiting Kids--S007
Shag Carpet--Bob 1 Band--S016
Midget--Bob 1 Band--S016
*Secret Agent Man--Washington, 9/21/07
Blockhead--Devo Live: The Mongoloid Years
Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA: A063

Vidcast #1

Smart Patrol/Taeguek Sa Jang
An impromptu video, shot spontaneously, of me practicing the 4th Tae Kwon Do form. Hosted on YouTube to make it easier to view.

Vidcast #2

"The Satisfied Ee Jang Mind"
Me practicing for my black belt test. Here's the second Taeguek form done to Devo's "Satisfied Mind."